Album: E123 split (2011)

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Song: Fingerprint

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I*KNOW is an anarchist punk collective from Belarus, focused on spreading political message. I*KNOW was started in the spring of 2005 by Dasha (Antiglobalizator, Scum Out, Jiheart), Anton (Iz kozhi von, Jiheart, Aorta), Ruslan, Sergey "Syr" (NKVD, Skapyt and other). from that time they played several shows in Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Chech, France and recorded split CD with BAGNA (2006), "The end of democracy" 10' on stonehenge rec. (2008), "Rob, kill" 7' on couple of labels (2010) and totally new split CD with russian E123 band (2011). write us: i_know@vegemail.com